So what is gliding?

"Surely, man's age-old dream of flying has found its purest and most beautiful expression in gliding. Nature opens up to the glider pilot a world that have been thought unreachable only a few years ago - a world of mighty forces, gentle or wild, majestic and mysterious. The pilot enters this realm, flies in it, makes use of its dynamics, and tries to explore and fathom its mysteries. The burden of everyday life is left on the ground and becomes inconsequential compared to the freedom that the wings of a glider can provide.

"The better we understand nature, the more adroitly we can make use of her powers to fly higher, farther and faster. The characteristics and performance of our glider set the bounds of our possibilities - we feel something's almost instinctively, while others must be laboriusly learned and practiced. Our bodies are called upon to function under stress for which they were not designed - our minds must constantly assimilate new situations, weight new factors, and make decisions.

"There are probably few other sports in which success requires not only good physical condition, but also the correct recognition of natural processes - a fact which makes gliding a very special sport indeed."

- Dr. Helmut Reichmann

1965 German Junior Champion
1968, 1971, 1973 German Champion
1970, 1974, 1978 World Champion

Foreword Extract from Cross-Country Soaring - The excellent training manual on the sport.