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Auckland Gliding Club members flying from Drury, please use "our" booking system below; for Instruction, Aerotow and Winch requests.

Airfield Condition

The field is currently perfectly fine to fly off, some very wet patches on the western side near the windsocks at both ends, caution should be used landing on 19, closer to the centre of the field would be much better. A wet spot close to the SSL and private hangars also, but shouldn't affect gliders landing or taking off normally, but caution when towing gliders or the winch out. Outside these areas the field is already to firm to roll effectively. It may change if we have significant rain, but the airfield is in good condition and any rain softening the surface should disappear within a couple of fine days. Pilots should be cautious in ground operations and any furrowing should be repaired immediately until the ground is hard enough to withstand damage. Gliders shall be cleaned thoroughly before being placed in the hanger.

Weather forecast for Auckland

Note: To see the RASP forecast (in full, glorious high-resolution Technicolour and Panavision) for the next day, click here. For other forecast sites, check out the Links section on the menu to the left.

Aircraft and Launch Availability:
If the weather is looking marginal, suggest you check the webcams or ring the duty instructor [ph no. on booking list] to check before driving out to Drury.

Saturday 23rd November. Instructors:- Jonathan Cross/Murray Wardell; Duty Pilot:- Ross Taylor; Winch Driver:- Bradley Greer; Tow Pilots:- TBA

Sunday 24th November. Instructors: David Moody/Matt Findlay; Duty Pilot:- Russell Thorne/Nathan/Callum; Winch Driver:- Morry Honey; Tow Pilots:- Andy Campbell/Graham Cochrane

Coming Events

24th to 30th Nov Northern Regionals at Matamata

5th to 14th Dec YouthGlide Development Camp at Omarama

9th to 13th Dec Air Cadet Camp at Matamata

26th Dec to 4th Jan Matamata Christmas Camp

27th to 31st Dec Grand Prix at Matamata

4th to 11th Jan Auckland Soaring Champs at Drury

15th Jan to 15th Feb 2020 Fly with Peter Hartmann (International Coach)

2nd to 15th Feb National Champs at Taupo

22nd to 29th Feb Central Districts

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