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Auckland Gliding Club members flying from Drury, please use "our" booking system below; for Instruction, Aerotow and Winch requests.

Weather forecast for Auckland

Note: To see the RASP forecast (in full, glorious high-resolution Technicolour and Panavision) for the next day, click here. For other forecast sites, check out the Links section on the menu to the left.

Aircraft and Launch Availability:
If the weather is looking marginal, suggest you check the webcams or ring the duty instructor [ph no. on booking list] to check before driving out to Drury.

Coming Events


Saturday 19th May. Instructors: Roy Innes/Russell Thorne; Duty Pilot: John Bongrain/In Cheol Kim; Winch Driver: John Bayliss; Tow Pilots: Olivia Henwood

Sunday 20th May. Instructors: Norman Duke/Seamus Breen; Duty Pilot: Jonathan Cross/Matt Shields; Winch Driver: Bradley Greer; Tow Pilots: Dion Manktelow/Grahame Cochrane

Coming Events

26 May. Flour bombing competition. Possible BBQ to follow.

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