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Auckland Gliding Club members flying from Drury, please use "our" booking system below; for Instruction, Aerotow and Winch requests.

Weather forecast for Auckland

Note: To see the RASP forecast (in full, glorious high-resolution Technicolour and Panavision) for the next day, click here. For other forecast sites, check out the Links section on the menu to the left.

Aircraft and Launch Availability:
If the weather is looking marginal, suggest you check the webcams or ring the duty instructor [ph no. on booking list] to check before driving out to Drury.


The airfield condition continues to improve and the overall condition is "soft to firm", now to the point of the following restrictions being applied.

No private vehicles on the airfield, there are still places, particularly at the northern end on the western side, where vehicles other than tractors can be become stuck.

Do not land short on RWY 19, a displaced threshold of 200m is applied.

Towplanes shall not taxi in this area, the crown is best for landings, but "off centreline" still has some soft patches.

The airfield is at a critical stage- Do no damage! If you create a rut, it is your responsibility to get out the roller promptly and fix it.


Saturday 22nd September. Instructors:- Russell Thorne/Graham Cochrane; Duty Pilot:- Nigel McPhee; Winch Driver:- Gary Morriss; Tow Pilot:- Olivia Henwood

Sunday 23rd September. Instructors: Paul O'Neill_Gregory/Norm Duke; Duty Pilot:- Geoff Green; Winch Driver:- Grahame Player; Tow Pilot:- Andy Campbell

Coming Events

29 September: AGM at 5pm

6 October: Compulsory Pre-season Briefing @ 6pm. BBQ with 30 YouthGlide members to follow

6/7 October: Youthglide AGM (5pm 6th) and flying weekend 6/7

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