The AGC Aircraft Fleet

Auckland Gliding Club Facilities & Fleet

The main hangar houses the club-owned fleet, including four two-seater gliders with full dual controls, and five glass-fibre single seat gliders for use by the more experienced solo club members.

Fleet in front of the club hangar  -  Photo  Robert Smits


PW-6  -  Photo John Garner

The two-seater aircraft are used for air experience (introductory) flights, free tuition from our team of friendly instructors, and early solo flights.

The glider that provides intermediate-level training is the PW-6, a two-seat version of the PW-5 single seater shown below. It is used to familiarise students with a higher performance aircraft than the Puchatek and to provide an introduction to cross-country flying.

Registration: GXY.

The PW-5 is a single seat World Class glider with an international reputation. Low hour pilots, after experiencing some solo time in the PW-6, obtain a conversion to this nimble glider which gives them the opportunity to explore the sky, with performance enough to get their Silver C.

Registration: GXF.

Our Single Astir provides more advanced flying with cross-country capability. Many pilots obtain their Silver C award with either this glider or the PW5.

Registration: GND.


Our highest performance two-seater: the Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus-X. The Duo has registration GDX and is used for advanced cross country training, competition flying and  buddy flying.



Our latest two-seater trainer is an ASK-21. As well as a training workhorse, this aircraft is fully aerobatic and can be quickly fitted with hand controls, so that you don't need to use your legs to fly it. Check out Glide Freedom.


Our tow plane CEB. It's a Piper Pawnee with a 260 HP Lycoming engine and a four bladed prop to reduce noise for our neighbours. As of November 2008 it has a brand new engine. Pictures taken in 2007 after her 40th birthday major overhaul by Tow Pilot Ian Williams. Registration: ZK-CEB.

Local club shots on the Drury field and joining overhead at the club airfield after an aerotow

drury2 drury3

Flights to other locations including Whitianga, Matamata and the Christmas Camp

drury2 drury3

CEB parked up at the Taupo regional competitions


Private Fleet
A number of gliders and motor gliders are permanently based at Drury airfield.

KE   Schleicher  Rhonlerche II
OD   Slingsby  T-61 C Falke
LK    Rolladen Schneider  LS-3
GP    Rolladen Schneider  LS-8
NL   Schempp-Hirth  Ventus A
OP   Schempp-Hirth  Ventus cT
SP    Schempp-Hirth  Ventus bT
SW  Schempp-Hirth  Ventus cT
PV    Schempp-Hirth  Discus b
ZM  Schleicher  ASW-27
GB   Schleicher  ASW-27
LW  DG-303 Elan
OC   Grob G-109
KT   Glasflugel  Mosquito
EZ   Slingsby  T-51 Dart 17R
DW   Slingsby  T-51 Dart 15
CQ   Schleicher  Ka-6CR
FQ   Slingsby T-53 B
VW   Schleicher  ASW-20 CL
BL   Schleicher  ASW-20 BL
GW   Glasflugel  Kestrel 17
JE   SZD-36A  Cobra
Ventus bT OPVentus bT (Photo David Hirst)