AGC Covid 19 Full Policy

Auckland Gliding Club
Full Covid Policy
This policy applies during Covid level 3. It will be updated when we move to the new Government Protection Framework (Traffic Light System)
1) No person shall enter the club premises if:
a) they have, or have had within the last 7 days, symptoms of covid 19, even if they believe the symptoms may be related to other factors such as a cold or influenza. Such symptoms include: runny nose and/or sneezing, new or persistent coughing, fever, sore throat, headache, loss of, or change in, sense of smell/taste.
b) are awaiting the results of a covid test (with or without symptoms)
c) have visited a “Place of Interest” within the past 14 days.
d) have been notified that they are a close contact of someone who has tested positive for Covid 19, whether or not they are symptomatic.
e) Have visited someone who has tested positive or is awaiting the results of a covid test within the past 14 days.
2) All persons entering the airfield must:
a) sign in using the covid app at the entrance.
b) wear a mask over their mouth and nose at all times when in proximity (within two meters) to other people, even when in the open air.
c) maintain social distancing by keeping as much distance as possible (and never less than two meters) between themselves and anyone not within their “bubble”.
d) sanitise their hands before and after touching club equipment or entering an enclosed space.
3) The clubhouse, including bar, lecture room and bunk rooms are not to be used while covid restrictions are in place.
4) If there is a need to enter the instructor room and /or use computer, only one person may enter the room at any one time and masks and sanitizer must be used.
5) All surfaces touched in the instructor room and at the computer will be wiped down after use.
6) All persons (members and visitors) who are eligible to be vaccinated against Covid 19, must be fully vaccinated to enter the Club whenever the club is operating (including flying operations, maintenance activities involving more than two household bubbles, briefings and club social events). Full vaccination is defined as two doses of the Pfizer vaccine plus 14 days, or other
Government approved vaccine programme. If requested, persons are required to show their vaccine pass to the duty pilot or any official of the club.
7) People must carry evidence of their vaccination status. This may be a vaccination card, print out from either My Heath website or Health365 website, a vaccination “pass”, or any other government approved covid status document or app.
8) By application to the Committee (email [email protected],nz), discretion will be given to those who have not had sufficient time to complete their vaccination programme (e.g. young people who have only just become eligible).
9) All club meetings, presentations and briefings will take place on-line without the need to attend the club in person. Where a meeting, briefing and/or debriefing needs to take place onsite (e.g. debrief following a flight) this is to take place in the open air observing mask and social distancing protocols.
10) When flying in a twin seat glider, full vaccination is required, and P1 and P2 (or passenger) are to minimise the time in the glider before take-off and landing. Paperwork should also be completed outside the glider.
11) Glider controls, instrument panels, and seats are to be wiped down between each flight if the pilot and/or P2 or passenger change.
12) Any instructor who does not feel safe to instruct due to covid 19 concerns, is free to decline to fly students and passengers.
Introduction to Flying (Trial Flights) and Passengers
Note: Trial Flights are not available during Covid levels 3 and 4.