Auckland Soaring Championships 2022

Please note further contest info in the "Attachment" section at the bottom of this page

Date 1st-8th January 2022 at Drury


Competition Director:- Mike Marra

Task Setter:- Ross Gaddes

Weather:- Anton Lawrence

Scoring:- Anton Lawrence, Ross Gaddes, Murray Wardell

Sponsorship and Social Media:- Georgia Schofield

Prizes:- Simon Gault

Safety Officer:- TBA

Grid Marshall:- TBA

Chief Tow Pilot:- Wayne Thomas

Accounting:- Keith Macy

Retrieve Manager:- TBA

Catering:- TBA

Accommodation (either Club or Local) -search near Papakura or Drury

Enterprise Comp 2022 Format As per attached document

Drury Turnpoints

Airspace as per attached File

Flight Tracking via SPOT/FLARM/Btraced on

IGC File Upload

OLC File Upload


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Enterprise Contest Guidelines AGC pdf.pdf228.66 KB