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Current Weather at Drury, Auckland, 8:32a, 25/06/14

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Note: Cloudbase = (Temperature - Dew Point) *400'

The Dewpoint measurement is reliable between 10:30 - 20:00.  The outside sensor needs to warm up to give accurate readings.

These images are uploaded every 30 mins or so. If the images appear to be out of date, hold down CTRL and press F5 to refresh the page. (SHIFT-F5 in some browsers)

The club's weather station is back up and running. Webcams will still update regularly.

N at 13.0 kt
1018.4 hPa & Falling Slowly
Today's Rain
0.0 mm
Rain Rate
0.0 mm/hr
Storm Total
0.0 mm
Monthly Rain
0.0 mm
Yearly Rain
431.4 mm
Wind Chill
Today's Highs/Lows

High Temperature

Low Temperature

---C   at   ----

---C  at   ----

High Humidity

Low Humidity

---%    at  ----

---%   at   ----

High Dewpoint

Low Dewpoint

---C   at  ----

---C  at   ----

High Wind Speed

26.1 kt   at   8:31a

High Barometer

Low Barometer

1021.8 hPa   at  12:00a

1018.3 hPa  at   8:26a

Low Wind Chill

---C   at  ----