Trial Flights - You can fly a glider!

To try out gliding, you can join the club as a temporary member and fly up to 6 times with us over a 90 day period.

Our flight packages include:

  • Temporary membership; to test out all our facilities, bar and the social side.
  • Information sheets (how to get here, what to bring etc) and support (via telephone and e-mail).
  • A pre-flight briefing with your instructor.
  • A temporary logbook to record your first flights.
  • Flight voucher(s) to print out and use on your visits to the club.
  • Online booking, to select the date and approximate time of your visit(s).
  • Between 1 and 6 flights; you can start to learn to control the glider.

After 90 days or 6 flights, you have the option to join the club and continue to learn to fly.
Youth and family discounts are available for full membership.

All instruction is free. Full members have the option of unlimited time in club gliders for a fixed fee, or paying per-minute.
Your 90 day trial period will start as of your first flight. The vouchers are valid for a year so can be ordered in advance, for a present etc.

To get started, please use the form below to apply for your temporary membership and choose how many pre-paid flights you would like.
If you order one flight, then decide to buy more later when you visit then that's no problem, we have an EFTPOS machine on site.

The trial flight packages include launch costs and time in the air.
Standard membership fees and options can be found by clicking here.

We see the most progress in students when they fly 2 or 3 times per week, the multi-flight packages below can not be used in one visit.

Trial membership and flight packages

Please select the flight package you would like from the options below:

Student/passenger's name:
Contact telephone number:
Flight options
Soaring $160, 1 aerotow You will get launched by aero tow to 2000 feet and get to control the glider (under instruction, of course) to get a feel for what soaring is all about.
High flyer $250, 1 aerotow You will get launched by aero tow to a height of 3000 feet and will have a longer time to fly the glider under instruction for a typical soaring flight.
Introductory package 3W $390, 3 x aerotows,
3 x winch launches
Three 2000 foot Aero Tows with approximately 20 minutes Glider time per flight & Three Winch Launches, Glider Circuits and Landings. This package is completed over a minimum of 3 visits to the Airfield
Introductory package 5A $495, 5 x aerotows,
1 x winch launch
Five 2000 foot Aero Tows with approximately 20 minutes Glider time per flight & One Winch Launch, Glider Circuit and Landing. This package is completed over a minimum of 5 visits to the Airfield

We use PayPal to take online payments. You can still pay by credit card without having a Paypal account.


  • All flight times are approximate some weather conditions may result in shorter flights.
  • Flights must be undertaken within one year of the payment.
  • Two Flights maximum per day to be flown on introductory packages.
  • Trial Flight recipients may not exceed 6 flights in a 12 month period without joining a Gliding Club, as per Gliding New Zealand requirements.
  • The club operates on a volunteer basis with no paid staff; trial flights are available most weekends and by arrangement.
  • If on the morning of your flight, you are unsure if the weather is suitable, please text 0276 942 942 after 10am to check if flying is cancelled.
  • You could be on the airfield 1-2 hours; we ask you to be there 30 minutes before your scheduled time, so we can complete your pre-flight briefing.


Gliding is a well established sport, with an excellent safety record. At the Drury Airfield, we take everyone's safety seriously with all aspects of flying. Each glider is inspected for airworthiness before its first flight of the day by a Qualified Glider Pilot or Instructor.

Please bear in mind that other gliders are likely to be landing on the airfield during your visit; they can be difficult to hear and see.


Depending on the glider, body weights of up to 110kg can normally be accommodated. For front seat weights much below 70kg, one or more lead ballast weights will be fitted to balance the aircraft correctly. For weights below 50kg, you will need to ride in the back seat. You will be weighed on the day of your flight at the operations caravan.


It is usually warmer in the cockpit of a glider than on the ground, so no additional clothing is required than for outdoors. Flat bottomed shoes are recommended, as are trousers for the ladies to ease climbing in and out of the glider. The control stick is positioned between the legs!


You are welcome to take a small camera up with you in the glider, but it must be kept clear of the controls for safety reasons. The views are stunning on a clear day. If you have access to a video camera, you may consider asking a friend or family member to record your take-off.

Corporate Events

Whether you are organising a team building day for your staff, or just want a company day out, something different from the usual, the Auckland Gliding Club can help you with an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Spend a day with us and get a tour of the airfield and hangars, experience a real taste of gliding with flight training, adrenaline rushing winch launches and fast aerotows above the South Auckland landscape - all in club gliders with highly qualified flying instructors. End the day with a barbeque on the deck of our fully-licensed bar. Kitchen facilities (with or without chefs) are available as well as a pizza oven. Please ask if you require a lecture room.